Tom Can "Winn" Nguyen (*) , Ralph C. Larsen Attorneys- at -Law,  the
association has been in the same location on Westminster Blvd for
eighteen (
18) years, since 1989 in Westminster, California.                    
Both are members of the California Public Defenders Association
(CPDA). Tom Winn is a member of the preeminent National
Association of Criminal Lawyers (NACDL), Consumers Attorneys
Association of Los Angeles (CAALA), Orange County Bar Association,  
was for over ten years on the Los Angeles County Family's Law for
Indigent Parents Panel (FLIPP) and represented COURT APPOINTED
parents  prosecuted by the Los Angeles District Attorney Office and
Orange County Prosecutors for criminal and civil Child Support or
Paternity  offenses, child abandonment.   
     Each lawyer has over eighteen years of defending misdemeanor
and felony Allegations of :
-  DUI, driving under the influence, DMV suspension for commercial
drivers, drug possession/sale, sex crimes, gang  accusation, assault
and battery, kidnap or abduction, forgery, counterfeit, murder,  indecent
exposure, solicitation;

-  Violence : Assault with intent , Battery, Kidnapper, Homicide, Gang,
Firearm, Gun, Robbery, deadly Weapon,domestic violence
Sex Offenses: lewdness,abandon  Child , injury on spouse, prostitution
Theft, Embezzlement, Counterfeit
DUI  ( Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Drug, Controlled
Substance), vehicular manslaughter
Drug Offenses : possession, distribution, sales, gun, firearm
California (CA)  Truckers' Lawyer  criminal defenses DUI & DMV
Juvenile Criminal Defense _School expulsion/suspension your child
was wrongly arrested

(*) Note: Tom Winn graduated  from our U.S. National Criminal
Defense College
at the Mercer Law School in Macon,Georgia.

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